As a result of our Jerusalem 2018 conference and our assembly in Dubai in 2019, we have launched a total of ten strategic networks which are greatly expanding our ability to proclaim Christ faithfully to the nations in both word and deed. In this way, we are demonstrating our commitment to fulfill the Great Commission (Luke 24:47), working continually to be a Communion that is fit for the purposes of the Gospel in the twenty-first century.

Each network is a growing global community of actively involved people with relevant knowledge and experience. The networks are directed by the Acting Operations Manager and Membership Development Secretary, Canon Charles Raven(

Bearing the burdens of all those who suffer for their Christian faith globally through the Gafcon movement
To expand church planting as a global strategy for evangelisation and re-evangelisation.
To enable access to sound theological training throughout the Gafcon movement
To serve the formation of faithful and effective episcopal leadership throughout the Communion
To realise the potential of the Mothers Union as a global ministry to promote patterns of biblical marriage and family life
To be a catalyst for mission to young people and children of all nations so that they may become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ
To promote strategic cross-cultural mission partnerships in a globalized world
To provide an informative and up to date prayer resource available for all Gafcon subscribers
For Anglican lawyers and Chancellors to address matters of mutual concern and share resources for the support of Gafcon and furthering the aims of the Jerusalem Declaration
To establish global partnerships and work with the local church to bring sustainable and transformative development