The Church in Action amid times of Crisis

The church around the world is in action, although congregations cannot meet in person due to the widespread spread of Coronavirus or Covid-19.

Many churches around the world are taking the opportunity to be creative with technology by finding other means to share the Gospel and keep in touch with their congregation and community. We are discovering that many parishes and provinces are learning from each other and adapting these ideas.

Live streaming is just one means churches are using to adapt. For this reason  we have put together a dynamic and continuous list of ideas  sent  from all over the world soyou can see what others are doing.

We hope the tips will be helpful and we appreciate sending  suggestions.


Meetings Using the Zoom Tool

In addition, we are holding zoom conferences  throughout the week for those who wish to learn and share ideas of ministry and technology for the church in action during this crisis. Susie Leafe of Gafcon UK and Ernie Didot, communications director for  Gafcon  and Juliane Uchoa, Gafcon's communications assistant,  will bethe co-organizers  of this program. Below is the date and time of the call for Portuguese speakers:

27/03/20  - Fridayat 13:00 - Brasilia Time (16 p.m. 3 GMT  UK).

Fill out this short form if you are interested in participating in the Zoom call to your region and a link to zoom access will be provided via email.